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Our History

In 1969, J.T. Martin Fire & Safety, Inc. was founded in Harrison County, West Virginia with the intention of protecting lives and property and has made it their mission ever since. Growing from just one employee in 1969 to 20 dedicated professionals today; we pride ourselves on having over 50 years of experience in the sales, service and maintenance of fire extinguisher and suppression systems in North-Central West Virginia.

Our Values

Every one of our service technicians are factory-trained by ANSUL and fully-licensed by the State of West Virginia. We take pride in a diverse staff that is knowledgeable and customer-focused; our goal is to be known as the experts in the field. We conduct monthly, semi-annual and annual inspections of fire-extinguisher and fire-suppression systems. This service may also extend to re-charging and hydro-static testing. We also install, inspect and maintain kitchen hood fire-suppression systems to ensure these systems are up to code and right every time.

In 2014, we aim to take this dedication to education and service one step further with the introduction of our OSHA-required Fire Extinguisher Training Course. In the interest of Life Safety as well as the interest of the community, we know the value of education, training and a ‘real-world’ training environment can mean the difference between life and death. This is the first of many improvements that J.T. Martin is dedicated to. As safety needs change, so must we…

Our Philosophy

Integrity: Our word as professionals must meet both national standards and local fire code. We take seriously the importance of education of our service professionals that are your guide to proper installation, maintenance and service of fire extinguisher and suppression systems.

Accountability: We not only accept the challenge of meeting your needs, we face them head-on by taking stock of what we do, why we do it, and how we conduct our business. It’s our job and duty to make it right, bottom line, because lives are at stake.

Team Effort: Our staff is highly skilled at independent thinking and has the ability to think in the moment, but we also know that we could not survive without each other. From our service installations to our educational courses, it takes more than one to make a thing go right, it takes all of us. We take this attitude into the field to make you one of us as well, because without you, there would be no J.T. Martin Fire & Safety, Inc.

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